Marcelo Gomes Films - Imprensa - Variety Review: Viajo porque preciso...
Setembro 2010
Beautifully structured and ultimately transcendent. Jay Weissberg Beautifully structured and ultimately transcendent, "I Travel Because I Have to, I Come Back Because I Love You" is a road movie in its purest form, offering an affecting record of processing loss and coming through to the other side. If the title sounds long-winded and possibly even corny, auds will justifiably rally to its defense after viewing the film. It?s shot from the perspective of geologist Jose Renato (Irandhir Santos), who?s on a work trip through the semi-arid Sertao region, analyzing tectonics for a canal project that will cut through the area and displace thousands of inhabitants. Speaking out loud as he drives through the dry, barren landscape, he names geological formations and occasionally slips into more personal territory. Gradually, as he speaks to the air in a one-sided conversation with the wife he misses, it becomes clear that she?s just left him. The professional aspect of the trip turns increasingly onerous as Jose Renato?s thoughts are crowded with a raw sense of loss and mounting desperation. Unable to bear the loneliness of the empty terrain, he ventures to a town, hooking up with some prostitutes as he progresses through various stages of loss, eventually coming to a calmer place.
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