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Cinema, aspirins and vultures
2005, Director
In 1942, the lonely German Johann travels through the arid roads in the country of the Northeast of Brazil in his truck selling aspirins in small villages, using advertisement movies to promote the medicine. He meets the drifter Ranulpho, who intends to go to Rio de Janeiro seeking a better life, and gives a ride to the man. While traveling together, they develop a close friendship, but on 31 August 1942, Brazil declares war to Germany and Johann has to decide if he should return to his home country and fight in the war, or stay in Brazil in a concentration camp; but the option of moving to Amazonas with the migrants of the drought seems to be feasible.
Prizes and festivals
Cannes Film Festival - Un Certain Regard - Official selection
France's Award of the Ministry of Education
German, Portuguese
Release date:
19 April 2006 (France)
Also known as:
Cinema, aspirins and vultures
Cabaceiras, Paraíba (Brazil)
Production Co.:
REC Produtores, Dezenove Filmes
Technical specs
99 min.
Sound mix:
Dolby digital
Aspect ratio:
1.85 : 1
2019, Director
A small village in the Brazilian outback is considered the nation's capital of jeans. It's also a microcosm that depicts modern day capitalism and its transgressions.
2017, Director
Brazil, 18th century. The colony of Portugal endures a decline in gold production. A Portuguese minority rules over a corrupt and autocratic society. Joaquim is an efficient soldier, famous for capturing gold smugglers. While waiting for his promotion to Lieutenant, he leaves for a risky mission in search of new gold mines - the only way to buy the freedom of Blackie, a slave he is in love with. Inspired by the true story of Tiradentes, the first leader of the Brazilian revolutionary movement.
2013, Director (w/ Cao Guimaraes)
Juvenal is a metro driver from Belo Horizonte. Margo, a station controller. Both live in a state of complete solitude --each in a particular way. Juvenal refuses to be alone and strolls through the streets of this metropolis taking comfort by mingling with the anonimous crowd. Margo seeks relief in the virtual world of social networks where she struggles to establish long lasting relations with real persons.
2012, Director
The film portrays Veronica, fresh out of Medical School, born and raised in Recife. Veronica is undergoing a crucial time in her life, a period full of doubts: about her professional choice, her most intimate bondings and her ability to cope with the adult life that lies ahead. Once Upon a Time was I, Veronica is a fairy-tale in reverse. There are no fairy godmothers, no weddings, no dreams. It is a story that reveals itself through adventures, misfortunes, desires and songs.
2009, Director (w/ Karim Ainouz)
José Renato, a 35-year-old geologist, is sent out on a solitary expedition to the hinterlands of northeastern Brazil. The purpose of the trip is to assess possible routes for a canal that will connect the area with the only major river in the region. As the field trip progresses, it becomes clear that Renato shares with those places the same emptiness, sense of abandonment and isolation.