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Berlin: Cinephil Takes Panorama Player Waiting for the Carnival
2019, February 6th
Tel Aviv-based Cinephil has acquired international sales rights to Waiting for the Carnival, in which Marcelo Gomes, one of Brazil's foremost fiction feature directors, brings a cinematographer's eye and a loving son's heart to a portrait of the rampant capitalism which has swept the town of Toritama, as he plumbs the contradictions and excesses of modern-day Brazil.
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2017, February 9th
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2014, July 22nd
Listings of venues and schedule in Brazil.
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International Premiere of the Man of the Crowd
2014, February 10th
New film byMarcelo Gomes and Cao Guimarães premiered at Berlinañe Film Fest with a tale of two solitaires set up in contemporary urban Belo Horizonte.
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OHM wins best director at Rio Film Fest
2013, September 29th
On Sept. 29th OHM premiered at Rio Film Fest. In the picture Cao Guimaraes and Marcelo Gomes with the actors of the film Paulo André and Silvia Lourenço
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Cao Guimarães and Marcelo Gomes make a film together
2013, March 1st
Marcelo Gomes and Belo Horizonte-based videoartist Cao Guimarães share a new adventure together: filming "The Man of the Crowd", based on an Edgar Allan Poe short story.
— Gomes and Guimaraes adapt Edgar Allan Poe's London drama to contemporary Belo Horizonte
Once upon a time was I, Veronica selected for the 60th San Sebastian Film Festival
2012, August 8th
Once upon a time was I, Veronica which has already been selected for the Brasilia Film Festival was also selected for the "Horizontes Latinos" competition at San Sebastian. The most interesting Latin-american films of the year participate in this competition.
— Twelve films selected for the competition
Fond Sud Cinema gives post-production prize to Once Upon a Time Veronica
2011, November 14th
Fond Sud Cinema gives Once Upon a Time Veronica a post-production prize of 30.000 euros.
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Casa de America invites Marcelo Gomes and Karim Ainouz
2011, May 10th
Both directores presented their filmes at Casa de América from May 24th to 27th. They shared their views on cinema, life and Brazil.
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Marcelo Gomes invited by TVE for the Libertadores series
2011, March 10th
Televisión Española will produce 8 films about leaders of the Latin American independence. The titles are: Bolivar, Marti, San Martin, Hidalgo, Artigas, Tupac Amaru, O'Higgins and Tiradentes.

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